Portraits part 2 – Street portraits

In San Salvador, as in any city from a developing country you may find people on the street selling bags, flags, toys, sun glasses

muppets, yetis and frogs

cleaning windshields

and sharing

or just standing there,

“waiting for someone or something to show you the way” ….

This is was shot while waiting for a light to change. As I was arriving to the crossroad I saw this sir and calculated that I will be stopping there, right next to him, I grabbed the M6 paired with the Nokton, guessed for the exposition, gave it a full 1,5 aperture and the closest focusing.

That was one of those days that I have a color film on my camera, I don’t know why I do it without a specific reason to load a color film. I just did it again last week. I guess is to not forget.

… or asking for some coins,

Some weeks later at the same crossroad.

People wait…


thew work and they wait

but it wont come any time soon

but never fear, the trendy fashion lives here (“La moda se vive aqui” slogan from an important department store)