Portraits part 1

I almost always carry a camera with me, whether i am attending a concert, having a meal with friends, going to a wedding, etc. It happens to be that when you expend so much time with people around you end up taking portraits.

I am using here the term portrait in its broad acception.

Reviewing the portraits I have taking during the past year I could realize the evolution of my photography both while taking the photo and editing it. At some point I added some color to my black and white images, later I dropped that approach and improved my scanning methods as well as the basic photoshop skills I had. I’m no expert now, but I think I have improved (hope so)

This was my first portrait, and also one of the first pictures I made with my Leica M2. At the time I had a canon 50mm 1,8 lens. It was shot at full aperture 1/30 of a second on TriX. I do not have neither the Leica nor the Canon lens. Only the TriX remains, although I am more found to HP5.

Yes, I was into the coloring black and white. I may do it again someday. Leica M2 – Canon 50 1,8

Leica M2 – Canon 50 1,8 Maybe one of the last rolls I shot with it.

The canon was my only lens. I sold it for a Leica DR Summicron 50mm 2,0

This photo was the last from a roll hence its cropping. Leica M2 – DR Summicron 50mm 2,0

Like I said in a previous post, sometimes I use color film.

Leica M6 – Voigtlander Heliar 50mm f2,0

Many of the pictures I take are indoors, in low light conditions, at night. That was the reason I switched into a faster 50 this time at 1,5

This was a rather difficult shot, Leica M2  – Nokton 50mm 1,5 at full aperture, shutter speed was 1/4 of a second I believe- Rollei 80 film

I really enjoy the Nokton, it is difficult to part from it, but I am in need of different focal lengths…  Now that I am developing my own film and may be able to push the HP5 to 800 or even 1600 I may live at f2 …. right?

Is it the Nokton 1,1 an upgrade? I will check that out.


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