Luna F/1.5

This is my first post for 2012. I have not been able to write since last October!

These past months have been frenetic, I barely had time to go out and shot, I have just scanned rolls shot in November.

So what has happened in these past few months?

It’s Show Time

December 13, 2011.

I had my first photographic exhibition at the cultural bar/café La Luna Casa y Arte, 15 pictures – 11×14 and 12×18 – condensing some of the musical events held at said venue during 2011. I happen to like that place a lot and had gather quite a few photographs from the small concerts that the local bands present every now and then. Most of them were taken with the Leica M6 – Voigtlander Nokton 50mm at its full aperture of f/1,5 thus the name of the Exhibition “Luna f/1,5”. The pictures were showcased during the whole month of December, so they were appreciated by a couple of hundred people. Preparing an exhibition is not an easy task, it requires a lot of work and you always end up wishing to have had more time to prepare it, but it is also a very rewarding experience and nothing that cannot be achieved without some effort.

Here are some of the pictures that were part of the exhibition, more can be found here.

El Atico

Cartas a Felice

Artistas visitantes



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