Bullet the blue Sky

I like U2, it is one of my favorites bands. I really got into their music back in 06 while studying for finals. I spent long hours listening Achtung and Zooropa.

Years later as a graduation gift I treated myself with a U2 concert, however Bono got injured and the show was postponed for a year.

Much has happened during that year: work, friends, death, encounters, separation, travels, new music, and the surprising discover of photography as an experience and as a form of expression. I have always liked taking pictures but I never went further than the traditional snapshots of events, friends, places, vacations, etc. As a child I was curious about the magic of photo processing and I was really happy whenever I had the chance to take an occasional picture with the familly’s Kodak or Vivitar point and shoot cameras; nevertheless I never embraced a photo culture, getting pictures was an expensive business and there were other priorities and interests.

It was not until this year between the U2 concerts that I revisited, now with real interest, the art of photography. After not an easy research I finally found a course of photography in San Salvador. This lead me to buy my first camera system: a Canon Rebel XS with its lens kit and a complementary 55-200 zoom lens that was acquired a couple of months later. The course was basic, it help me to know the camera, to get the notions of exposition and composition and to learn by practicing. Most importantly during those months I got to the conclusion that for me digital photography was kind of soulless. Later I would realize that it was not digital photography what I disliked but the mainstream DSLR approach of photography (digital is as good as an M9 would be!). DSLR cameras are fine working tools, but I didn’t feel with them the experience that I was looking for, the joy and the satisfaction to achieve by dexterity, knowledge and “magic” a picture that will only be seen a couple of weeks later. Therefore I decided to take an “step back”, sell my digital equipment and embrace analog photography as my way to express my perception of the world. I am a little bit of a hipster. I like the classics: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Tri-X and HP5 plus film.

It has been a long journey in a short time. I found the photography system that better fits my needs, the one which I feel the most comfortable with. The journey never ends. During this year I’ve had 8  film cameras which I have used in some extent. Eventually I will keep only 2 or 3. In another post I will tell you how did I chose the rangefinder as my system, how I felt in love with their lenses and why I want to use them to record these vertiginous times.

The U2 concert is in less than 10 days, my birthday is in that week, my girlfriend will be with me. I seems to be quite an experience.

Bono sings: “…I feel a long way from the hills of San Salvador where the sky is ripped open and the rain pours through a gaping wound…”  Not any more…